Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah

Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah

Mayfair Modern is truly one superb property that you’ll undoubtedly love. This property is located in a well-known place in District 21 mainly in the 8-12 Rifle Range Road, Singapore. The Oxley Holdings Pte Ltd. owned and designed these residences. Privacy and cozy living among their homeowners are their guarantee. Oxley Holdings holds a 99-year leasehold of the place. This offers the future residents a living without disruptions.

The occupants can select a range up to 4 rooms in Mayfair Modern. The bedrooms have layouts that are flexible to whatever kind of occupants that will occupy. Even you are living with a family or simply a single professional, the unit could accommodate you well. Its designs are in line on today’s living, the 21st-century lifestyle. The decorations look trendy and are presented in a smart-vibe aura. Floor plan of Mayfair Modern will be shown the condo brouchure. The occupants of Mayfair Modern Condo are guaranteed of a relaxing living atmosphere and privacy they can’t obtain from other property.

Comfortable living among residents are absolutely attained due to the remarkable furnishings added. Additionally, the branded and updated house appliances fit well with the furnishings to ensure the comfort for each family members is achieved. Peace of mind and free from stress is what the developers are aiming to give to their residents, not only a simple shelter.

Mayfair Modern has the modern facilities lined up and ready to use among the residents. The future owners will absolutely live and have a resort-like environment. Facilities from lap pool, hydro spa, kiddie pool and zen garden allows the home owners to have a place to rest and energize with. Not only that, they have added more facilities such as the indoor fitness center, children’s recreation space,and reading alcove. These would add more fun and pleasure.

You may also make the most of neighboring nature theme parks if you like the effect of nature in relaxing. Contemporary and nature-feel like surrounding can be enjoyed both at the same time. Be counted as one of the future occupants of Mayfair Modern. Live the experience of relaxing and safe surroundings.

Oxley has a vast portfolio in house development and real estate investment and the firm is also recognized for its project management and consultancy expertise in Singapore and to other countries. The company has acquired a variety of experiences in the area of industrial, commercial and even residential.

Mayfair Modern Floor Plan has layout that is exceptional. Various units are available to pick from. Each of the units can absolutely match an occupants need. Room designs available have are lofty. This is to make sure that occupants will have their needed space while still enjoying the privacy they wanted. Even the size of occupants is larger than the usual, they would not be concerned about it.

In many ways you see it, Mayfair is really one of a kind. It can easily get attention due to its warm and cozy architectural design residence. Extra space really matter, and that makes Mayfair Modern stands out. The cost is, indeed, competitive. Because of this, this residential property will not only catch the attention of prospective customer but several investors too.